Marathon 2 of 70: Geldern – Osterath

After a good breakfast (Thanks Luisa) and a long and good conversation about perseverance with Michael, I’m on my way to Osterath after 12. 28 degrees, it’s warm. I meet the first forest paths. At the moment I almost get lost, I mostly meet a passer-by. In my best German (slowly improving) I mostly find my way.

And lots of chapels. They give peace. More forest ahead, I love it.

It’s tough from kilometer 30. Legs hurts, belly is aching, backpains. I decide to stick a Loesje sticker that fits the park: Green transport, legs go. After that I can go on. I give a small but friendly meow to a cat.

Getting close to Osterath, and no place to sleep. It’s 7:30 pm. Knocking on doors now doesn’t feel right. I book a hotel and a good shower. A restaurant nearby fills my stomach. I needed that.

A bed is waiting. Lots of tough moments, but overall very nice 🙂