Love for Limburg: looking back on 6 marathons, day 2

Coen Seizing a moment: Running through Helenaveen

From the 1st to the 6th of april I ran 6 marathons through Limburg. A retrospective on a marathon a day.

Day 2: Arcen – Kronenberg. Tim and Ilse wave goodbye. Well rested I run into the second marathonday. The flower arch of Lottum welcomes me. Endless roads, nice forests, and a lot of difficult kilometers. It’s hard. Horst is the first tone in the music journey within the adventure: Rowwen Hèze. The accordion  wobbles through my mind. I leave behind the tough kilometers. In America I carry ‘Blieve Loepe’ with me. Keep running. My imagination takes a swing at me on the Zwarte Plak and Helenaveen. The songs sing their tune.

At Helanaveen the path ends. A fence and barbed wire. Preserved area. Luckily there are more paths to a destination. While I continue, I grab my markers and paper. While running I draw myself, along the border of Helenaveen. I meet lots of chapels, but I cannot reach out to one of them. “Out of fear of destruction?”, I wonder. In my mind I light a candle for my muse.

In Kronenberg Janne is cooking. I give her my beautiful moment. Drawn with speed, and with Helenaveen in my head. After a shower I join dinnner, and shake hands with her lovely father. We share small stories. And a little jar with coloured pencils in the shape of a key chain. The day is saved, and with a nice feeling I dream into day 3.

Ilse, Tim and Coen saying goodbye Flower Arch in Lottum Selfie in America Zwarte plak, America Act of Joy: draw a beautiful moment. Coen running through Helenaveen