Love for Limburg: looking back on 6 marathons, day 6

From the 1st to the 6th of april I ran 6 marathons through Limburg. A retrospective on a marathon a day.

Day 6: Maastricht – Vaals. Breakfast and searching for bars in the supermarket. At the coffee machine I started to talk with another worshipper of coffee. Coffee is good. We exchange thoughts about running and energy. I wish him an energetic day, he wishes me good luck. From a beautiful flower shop I depart.

At Maastricht Station a few students are dancing. Just because. I carry that feeling with me. Kilometers I am in an endless feeling of wanderlust. Just keep going.

The bemelerberg appears. This time there is a cycling race. Accompanied by a few cyclists I keep up the pace. I make conversation with a supporter on the side of the road. Apparently there a big amateur cycling race going: Volta classic. Surprised he asks me what I’m doing here and we ponder about love for cycling and cycling heroes. The boy next door is his hero today. Together we cheer some cyclists, and I continue my travel. He will follow me. But first the race.

Amazing hill views are next. On the Keutenberg a cyclist and I shout each other to the top. Then some beautiful villages arise. Stokhem, Wijlre, Kapolder. Around Eys I slowly look around me. The South of Limburg is magical.

The Eyserbosweg is packed with cyclists. A group has a hard time. I decide to shout a little harder for them. For a moment I am in the race. After a short hello at the top I stand still. Together to the top, it connects. Although I’m still an odd duck in the whole picture. Oh well, that way I can fly everywhere I want.

With a feeling of being invincible I get through the fine Wittem. In the astonishing geuldal a couple of lovebirds enjoy each others presence.

A few kilometers later I’m at the foot of the Camerig. I wave at a few bon vivants at the terrace. This is incredible. At the restaurant I take a victory shot. I appear to be halfway. A good thing, because the other half is also very pretty.

In Vaals a lot of things cross my mind and heart. The depression, friends, family, the encounters, acts of joy, setbacks, my Swedish muse.

The Vaalserberg feels naturally. I feel like I’m floating. At the top I am in dancing in the clouds. Tears of joy. After a reflective film I am speechless. Despite this I call a few heroes. My mother answers the phone. “I’m there mom, it’s beautiful here”, I ponder. All the words I can find. She fills up the silences I collected on my travels.

Wandering I search for food. Everywhere it’s dark. At restaurant De Bokkerijder there is still some light. With a good tripel and a small bowl of peanuts I raise my glass to this adventure. Nice to end in one of the best Vandersteen stories.