Love for Limburg: looking back on 6 marathons, day 3

We can be heroes. Everyday.

From the 1st to the 6th of april I ran 6 marathons through Limburg. A retrospective on a marathon a day.

Day 3: Kronenberg – Horn.┬áJanne’s dad helps me pick the right energy bars. On my way to Horn. Immediately surrounded by forests. This never gets old. After that long moments of stillness. At Helden I think of all the heroes that helped me along the way. And that we can be heroes. Everyday. Via Helden Forest I end up in Kessel.
From Kessel to Neer I see the many faces of the Maas. Babbling creek, small waterfalls, endless viewpoints. To wind up in the many bridges and small winding roads along the creeks of Haelen and Leudal.

I ask two passers-by to do a crazy dance. I catch a smile, for the dance I continue my search. Just before Horn I find a woman that wants to do some weird moves in front of the camera. Act of joy succeeded. As icing on the cake – and because I like it way too much to a act crazy – I make another film with my own funny moves and silly walks.

In Horn I get a warm welcome. The woman thinks I’m a little bit crazy. Maybe I am. The day blows through my head, and I slowly get into a flow. The next marathon I share with my dad. He will run along with me to Urmond. For me this is already a moment of happiness.


We can be heroes. Everyday. A tree all alone in the world Op en neerCreek of Haelen A big tree in the woods Grass is greener on the other side of the hills