Love for Limburg: Gennep – Arcen

Marathon 1 of 6: Gennep – Arcen

On the 1st of april (for real) I will run from Gennep to Arcen. This will be the first of 6 consecutive marathons. This reminds me of home, and the runs with my dad to Afferden, sprinting to the hightower of power, standing still and enjoying the view.

But I did not run further into Limburg yet. Curious about the forests, Reindersmeer, and The Hamert on my way to Arcen. And who I will meet on the road.

Today I met two people on my 36k run through de maasduinen en maasheggen. One was a wise, peaceful and friendly longwalker. He could walk for miles and miles. I felt connected. And he did not even step into the walk of wisdom yet. The other guy was running towards the bridge to Gennep. I just ran 33 kilometers full of beautiful nature, and he was really amazed that I hardly looked tired. He was running to get a bit better into shape, and I wished him all the best when our paths separated. I’m sure he will do well, he was determined to do it. That’s where it all starts 

I’m curious what stories this marathon will bring me. I found a place to stay in Wellerlooi at Ilse! Thanks a lot! Since your brother is a total nutcase and also the most relaxed person I know, I’m not sure what I’m up against. But it surely will be fun