With Move The Earth I run, with only a backpack, in 70 marathons from Gennep to Palermo to spread the power of positivity. For the people that are having a hard time. With acts of joy I give them the bright spots they so desperately need, with the question: which act can I do that makes you or someone else happy? This way we create one big ray of light together.

Do you want to help? Mail to info@movetheearth.run or fill in my wish list.
Or support me with money for food, drinks and a place to sleep on the route via tikkie or paypal 🙂


Interview in the mud

  Kaj Derks came on my path again. Many years ago we met at crazy Loesje parties. Now we ran through forests and lots of mud, while Kaj interviewed me about my journey. A short running story about the preparation, the journey, why I did it, love, new adventures and more. Thanks Kaj for capturing my story […]

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A beautiful view

Janine Vink wrote down a beautiful view on my run for positivity in Plusminus Magazine. Wow, I’m sooooo grateful for this! Thanks Janine for touching the heart of my project, and Vereniging plusminus for spreading the message 💚

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A letter from Palermo

There it was. A letter from the mayor from Palermo, to thank me for my inspiring journey to this beautiful city. It fills my heart with joy. Palermo is even more special to me now 💚🌍🏃‍♂️ Thanks Leoluca Orlando for this lovely little treasure and Francesco Lo Cascio for a basic translation of the letter. I will keep improving my […]

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A bright spot on Palermo

Yesterday La Sicilia published a story about my run for positivity, with extra attention for the refugees and homeless in Palermo, and all the good work Maurizio Maria D’Amico en Missione di Speranza e Carità do there.   Thanks for the story, Rosario Scollo 😀   English translation, made by Ferdinand Jose Espineli: Coen Cuijpers:”112 […]

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