Marathon 2 of 70: Geldern – Osterath

After a good breakfast (Thanks Luisa) and a long and good conversation about perseverance with Michael, I’m on my way to Osterath after 12. 28 degrees, it’s warm. I meet the first forest paths. At the moment I almost get …

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Ready to to

The 31th of may, 10:30, I will depart from Gennep to Palermo for my run for positivity: 65 marathons in 80 days to spread the power positivity. You are welcome from 9:30 in Hotel te Kroon to wave me goodbye …

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Take my backpack and go

Route from Gennep to Palermo

Working on my running dream. Bumps on the road. Yesterday I decided that I will not experience the adventure with a camper van and a driver.

Adaptation. Letting go. A beautiful part of the journey, and it gave me a …

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