A roman video tale

The videostory about my run for positivity is out! Shot in Villa Borghese, Roma. Video is made by Giulio D’ercole, with help from Diana Daneluz and Cristiano Zampieri as the learning roadie 🙂

Soooooooo happy with this 🙂

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Latina Lanterna

Newsflash: Yesterday my story was in Latina Oggi. All thanks to an incredible effort of Ernesto Darienzo of La Lanterna in Santi Cosma e Damiano 😀

Slowly the story spreads. Something to stop and take in for a moment 🙂…

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A new Sicilian story

Yesterday another story of my run came out in Sicily, this time in Gazzetta del Sud. Can’t wait for all those requests from the people in Sicily <3…

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A Sicilian tale

Today my story was published in Giornale di Sicilia. Thanks Maria Sofia for putting it on paper 🙂

I’m so happy that the story spreads! And an awesome hero is already making a translation <3

For the rest I am …

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Marathon 2 of 70: Geldern – Osterath

After a good breakfast (Thanks Luisa) and a long and good conversation about perseverance with Michael, I’m on my way to Osterath after 12. 28 degrees, it’s warm. I meet the first forest paths. At the moment I almost get …

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Marathon 1 of 70: Gennep – Geldern


Dreamy but determined I arrive at Hotel de Kroon. It’s time to go. A few early birds fly in. We talk and Gennep News, Maasland Radio, and Jos Gröninger from the writing press are quickly there. Need a moment …

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Love for Limburg

Today I was interviewed by Kirsten Paulus in the news program Limburg Centraal at L1. A lovely experience.


Thanks for the nice welcome and wonderful mini-interview at the make up. For all the talks and for having me. Also …

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