At the foot of a mini adventure

Next monday I will start my mini-adventure of 6 marathons through Limburg. I can’t imagine what I will run into, and that feels great. Ready to be amazed wonderfully. I will start at Gennep, where I grew up. On the road I will let the surroundings and encounters slide into my heart. And I will make videos and pictures to let you run along a little bit. Because sharing is so beautiful!

At the Vaalserberg I will stand still for a while. Maybe I’ll catch a dream or 2. I might find new ideas. I will only know this if I follow my dream. So I’ll take my backpack and go!

At the start on monday, Gennep News will capture my first steps and interview me about my running adventure. It feels good to have you on my side. The whole route can be found here: